Primary School of Austin

With an emphasis on foundational skills, independent children gather together to learn and explore in a communal setting with just the right amount of structure.

During these unprecedented times, PSA also supports online public school students and homeschool families in their educational efforts while maintaining a safe in-person environment for all our families and staff.

A Little About Us

The Primary School of Austin serves independent children in a communal setting with just the right amount of structure. We believe that every child needs to be a part of their education team and have a vote in their education to foster independence, engagement, and personal responsibility. We have an emphasis on foundational skills in the areas of basic academics, social-emotional awareness, and the arts. Primary School of Austin is an intentional learning community serving children ages 6-11 by offering a supportive space to thrive by empowering them to engage with their interests and the world around them. 


Primary School of Austin prides itself on the foundations of student led learning which allows more autonomy, from what students learn to how the classroom operates. This methodology is recognized around the world as extremely valuable in developing 21st-century skills and many advocate student autonomy and agency must become the norm. We work with your student to find areas of interest so that they are inspired and want to learn. This sets the foundation to build a curriculum that is most effective for each individual learner.

Student Led

Student Led learning establishes a core set of learning experiences that guardians/parents can then expand on and individualize for their children. Due to the smaller class sizes, students are enabled with more hands-on and activity-based learning than traditional schooling.

Mastery Learning

Not all children respond well to traditional online classroom learning. Our children progress at their own pace with the help of technology and mastery based learning. We provide the flexibility to help develop a custom plan to help your child thrive. 

Core Skill Analysis

Project and experiment based activities are designed to encourage the learner to develop their own personal understanding. As guides we offer support while learners work toward their own understanding. We use proven methods and to ensure our learners are meeting milestones for their learning goals.

Reserve Your spot Now

Limited spots are available in our pod for the Spring 2021 semester.
Rolling enrollment.

Our school meets Monday to Friday from 9a-3p.
We also offer drop in options if space allows. Send us an email to learn more.

Micro School

$ 950
  • Tuition is billed monthly for 9 months (September - May)

Micro School + After School Programming

$ 1115
  • Pricing includes after school programming on Mondays and Wednesdays for the spring semester.
We are located at:
11530 Menchaca Rd. Unit 4
Austin, TX 78748
We pride ourselves on values of giving back to the community. With a philanthropic mind-set, we engage in causes that our students are passionate about to make a difference in our local community. 
 Social emotional learning also provides a foundation of self-care, composure and mindfulness.